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Hi there. Here is some information on the work I have done as a writer, director and teacher.

I currently work as Business Development Manager at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI, on the Isle of Skye. I only take on a small number of writing commissions each year, but I'm happy to discuss any media ideas as part of my work at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and Cànan Graphics Studio, a digital agency owned by the College which I am involved in. I also work in grant writing and project management.

There are further links below to further information on the writing and directing projects I have been involved in.

Here are four projects that I have worked on relatively recently (they include some links to websites/instagram pages):

Number 1 - Alder Magazine - Issue 2.

I wrote a 2000 word article for Alder Issue 2. It's a beautiful magazine about architecture, the built environment, craftspeople and artists, among other things. It is published independently by Scottish Architect Mary Arnold-Forster.

The article is about the redevelopment of Rodel House on the Isle of Harris, which has a really interesting history. Here is a link to Issue 2 it in the RIAS online shop. Photography for the article was by Andy Stagg (Stagg Studio on Instagram) I had so much photography kit envy. Mimiya tilt-shift lenses! So much kit envy. I had like, a pen.

Anyway, it's a beautiful magazine and proud to have the chance to write something for it.

Number 2 - Danni the Champion.

'Danni the Champion' was a short film produced by National Theatre of Scotland, Hopscotch Films and BBC Scotland for NTS's 'Scenes for Survival' season. It was directed by Laura Cameron-Lewis.

The film was in competition in nine International Film Festivals (I didn't get to go to any of them) including - 30th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2021, Venice Shorts 2020, Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020, Breakout Film Festival 2020 & 2021, Short to the Point October 2020, 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival and Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2021. It also got shown in Sydney on Bondi Beach, which is exciting. It won the Prix DeVarti at the Ann Arbor Festival 2021 for the funniest film which goes to show that Calvinist humour does travel.

Number 3 - The Ice Skating Podcast.

I worked as audio editor on this project. It was a podcast series for the International Skating Federation, produced by Amp Media (a great company - check out their website for some amazing sports photography.) We got the chance to interview Olympic champions such as Nathan Chen and Erin Jackson, and the team recorded a number of special episodes at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Here it is on Apple Podcasts. Nick and Luke from Amp Media got to to go Beijing. I didn't. Just saying.

Number 4 - Dualchas Architect - Writing Content

I have been writing articles for the Dualchas Architects blog, a really great architecture practice based on the Isle of Skye. Here is a link to beautiful exhibition the created for the Venice Biennale. I also worked with them on their previous Venice Biennale in 2016, editing the 'Prospect North' prospectus/book that accompanied their exhibition.

Here are two of the articles I have written for their site:

Contemporary Architecture | Dualchas Architects
Explore the unique approach of Dualchas Architecture in creating contemporary designs that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Discover the innovative techniques and sustainable materials used to bring their projects to life.
Sustainable Architecture by Dualchas Architects
Sustainable architecture: blending design with eco-responsibility. Dive into Dualchas’s projects and approach, where innovation meets planet-care.

For information on my work as a playwright please click on this link.

For information on my Film & TV writing please click on this link.

For information on radio plays and adaptations for radio I have done please click on this link.

For information about my work as a teacher and writer mentor please click on this link.

For information on documentaries I have directed please click on this link.

Here are a few images:

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