This is a selection of some of the documentaries I have directed. I have also worked as a camera/director, a series director, a single and multi-camera director.


2017-18 - BRIDGE OVER THE ATLANTIC - (Mac TV) A fiddle road trip in Scotland and Canada. Co-production between BBC Scotland, CBC and MG Alba. 

2016-2019 - TRUSADH - (Mac TV) I worked as a camera/director on hour long documentaries for mac tv’s ‘Trusadh’ series. Subjects include Lullabies, Apprenticeships, the WI and the Sùlaisgeir Seabird hunt (Saltire

20013-14 – THE DRESSING UP BOX/STOIDHLE. – (Moja Productions for MGAlba). Two series where fashion designer Sandra Murray explores what individual style is. 

2006 - A DAY OF SUMMER IN WINTER (Zebo Productions for BBC). A half hour documentary on the Uist tradition bearer - Iain Sheonaidh Smith. Nominated for Best Documentary category in The Celtic Film Festival 2007.

2005 - SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY (Saltire Films for BBC). A half hour documentary on the life of Sir Harry Lauder, Vaudeville Star. Broadcast on St. Andrew’s Night 2005. 

2004 - EORPA (BBC). A half hour documentary on the European Windfarm Industry. I was also an item director for 6 months, working across Europe in places such as Kosovo, Germany, Norway, Spain and France.

2003 - COLLECTING THE COLLECTORS (Saltire Films for STV)  6 part series for STV on the subject of folklore collectors.

2000 - TACSI  (Eolas Productions for BBC2) I was series director on this long running series of arts programmes. I was an item director when it won the BAFTA award for best arts programme and also won best entertainment programme at the Celtic Film and Television Festival in 1997.

1999 - THE MELBOST BARD – MURDO MACFARLANE (Metagama Productions for BBC) An hour long documentary. It won Best Arts Documentary at the Celtic Film and Television Festival 2001.

1998 - FROM TANGUSDALE TO TONGA (Metegama Productions for BBC)  Half hour documentary on a musical exchange between Barra and the Polynesian island of Tonga.

Here is a short extract of a documentary I directed and filmed for the Centenary of the loss of HMY Iolaire:

I have also done directed dramas. Here are a couple:

2007 - ST. KILDA (The Opera). I directed a feature length film which formed an integral part of a theatre project which happened in six venues across five European countries. The show incorporated live action, film,  aerial dance, music and a live-link to St. Kilda. An extract from the show (directed by Keith Partridge) won the Innovation Category at the Kendall Mountain Film Festival. It opened the Edinburgh International Festival in 2009. 

2006 - THE INACCESSIBLE PINNACLE. (Young Films) I was one of the directing team for this feature film and co-directed one of the ten minute “story sections” entitled “The Spaniard and The Gael”. The film was nominated in three BAFTA categories in 2007, including best script. 

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