Film & TV writing

A poster for 'Danni the Champion' (short film).
A poster for 'Danni the Champion' (short film)

Here are some of the Film & TV projects I have been involved in as a writer. I love being in the writing room and working on developing story.

2023 - NOBODY HAS TO KNOW (Feature Film) - Written and directed by Bouli Lanners, I did a final dialogue pass on the script.

2023 - MARLOCH & METAGAMA ; VOICES - BBC ALBA - I wrote four short monologues (Episode 2, 4, 6 and 8) on the subject of the SS Metegama, a ship which carried immigrants to Canada from the Western Isles of Scotland in 1923. Here is a link to the series on the BBC website

2020 - DANNI THE CHAMPION (Short Film) - 'Danni the Champion' was a short film produced by The National Theatre of Scotland, Hopscotch Films and BBC Scotland for NTS's 'Scenes for Survival' season. It was directed by Laura Cameron-Lewis.

The film was in competition in nine International Film Festivals including - 30th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2021, Venice Shorts 2020, Chicago Indie Film Awards 2020, Breakout Film Festival 2020 & 2021, Short to the Point October 2020, Sydney Short Film Festival, The Celtic Media Festival, 59th Ann Arbor Film Festival and Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2021. It won the Prix DeVarti at the Ann Arbor Festival 2021 for the funniest film.

2014 - BANNAN - I wrote five half hour episodes of this BBC Alba returning tv drama. Produced by Young Films.

2006 - THE INACCESSIBLE PINNACLE / SEACHD. Feature Film. I was one of the writing team for the film and also wrote one of the ten minute “story sections” entitled “The Spaniard and The Gael”. It was nominated for three Scottish Baftas, including Best Script.  Produced by Young Films.

1995 – MACHAIR. STV. – I was an assistant Gaelic Script Editor and writer for the Scottish serial drama “MACHAIR” (STV). The drama won the Writers’ Guild Award for best foreign language soap in 1995.