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 Hi, my name is Iain Finlay Macleod and I am a writer. I like to blog about the craft and business of writing and also how to improve as a learner. The aim of the site is to create value for you - to provide content that will help you with your writing & learning.

I find blogging a great way to learn. There are also incredible resources available online now and I enjoy sharing what I find with people. If you subscribe, I send an email/blog post once a month.

Some more detail on the main topics I like to write and learn about:

Playwriting/Screenwriting/Dramaturgy for writers - learning more about the craft and developing as a writer. Looking at how writers can use dramaturgical techniques and approaches to develop their own practice.

Learning and Teaching - getting better at learning and understanding how learning happens means that you can develop whichever skills you want in a quicker and more effective way.

The Teaching Artist - the intersection of being an artist and teaching others, and how it helps you develop as an artist well as passing it forward.

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Thank you for visiting!

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