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Build your Online Portfolio

Build your Online Portfolio

I’ve been working lately with a great portfolio building site called Fabrik. Before I start with the praise, this isn’t an advertisement or an affiliate link.

They’re a wee company in London, and their company is focused on giving artists the tools to create beautiful websites, showing off their work. The back end of the site is easy to use, as regards organising your work, and if your work is visual – photography, art, film-making etc, it’s a really good option.They have different themes, with different customisation options, and moving between the themes is effortless.

Check them out at https://fabrik.io/.

It starts at £6.25 a month. I’ve found the support to be excellent. My friend had to wait twenty minutes once on IM, but I’ve found it pretty snappy. And they take the time to help. It has a nice look, different to WordPress etc, and like I said, it’s nice that they’re concentrating on giving artists the means to properly show off their work. You can link to Vimeo really nicely. There’s also no messing with plug-ins and all that WordPress ‘mines of Moria’ type stuff. (What fresh hell is this?)

You can add custom code, but really, the site is there to make you look good and save you time. It’s not set up to be a web shop – but I still use it to showcase products for another of my businesses – Breanish Tweed. If you’re a writer or you don’t work visually much, it’s probably not for you. But if you do, I think it’s a good looking little tool.

They have good guides for doing trickier stuff, so you can take care of most things yourself. You also might have to maybe get someone to help with the mapping of the site to your URL, when that day comes. I’d recommend Alex Tearse at Reefnet.com for this kind of work. The guy is a marvel. Yes. Like if there was a webmaster super hero comic, he’d be in it.

You can have your site based at www.myfantasticsite.onfabrik.com – but if you want your own domain, I’d recommend this company – All Simple. (this is an affiliate link). I switched to All Simple a while back when the web host I used sold up, and I’ve been genuinely impressed by their level of service. You can message them during working hours and they come back quickly. They also have a good interface, where you can do all of your websitey things like buy a domain or… other stuff.

So, a pretty cheap, lovely looking website which you can change at will, rather than relying on someone else. Like I said, check out some of the artists on the Fabrik site, and see if it might suit what you’re doing.


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