Iain Finlay Macleod | Free Writing Course
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Free Writing Course

Free Writing Course

I’ve created a free short course exploring the process of writing a short play. Many of these techniques are applicable to longer works. –

What I’ll be covering includes:

Techniques for how to begin, gather your ideas and begin working them up.

Learning some of the key concepts you’ll need to write as well as going over the main questions that others that might join you in the process will be asking (directors, writers and dramaturgs.)

Solid techniques on how to develop your dramatic structure and characters.

The concept of action in playwriting – as well as looking at the approaches of major theatre artists I’ve had the good fortune to spend time with.

I’ll point you towards further resources to continue your learning, as well as helping you get to the end of a draft.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more – www.facebook.com/iainfmacleod.

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